DnD: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Magic the Gathering

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By Makenna Sanders  

The Forgotten Realms set is a wonderful addition to the ensemble of Magic the Gathering cards. While still technically being a cross over set, this flavor uniquely fits in with the rest of the cards quite well (the fantasy setting, mind-boggling creatures, and multiverse travel, that is.)  As someone who was out of the game on and off for quite a while, this set was a breath of fresh air while staying within its own realm. (see what I did there?)

Whether one is looking in the set for powerful cards, story, art, etc, all of these cards have a little bit of everything for everyone. Even those who can recall “Homeland” or “Baldur’s Gate” will be able to thoroughly enjoy the appearance of their beloved rangers: Drizzt or Minsc and the amazing, Boo: the hamster. If art is more your play, the Art card collection for this set is some of the most nostalgic, referring to the showcase art, and the most colorful. With all of this to offer, why would one turn down such an opportunity? 

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